The amount of the legal fees results either from the Lawyers Compensation Act (RVG) or from a compensation agreement. Compensation agreements are always possible instead of billing the statutory fees. However, the regulations of §§ 49b BRAO and 3a ff. RVG must be observed. In judicial proceedings, however, the statutory fees can not be fallen short by agreements. The agreement of a higher than the legal remuneration is possible at any time.


Legal Fees


The Lawyers Compensation Act initially consists of the legal text and additionally the remuneration list. The text of the law contains the general fees, the remuneration list the individual fees. In civil, administrative and social law, fees are calculated on the value of the item. This system of non-compensatory compensation is intended to ensure so-called cross-subsidization. High value mandates are designed to financially balance the relatively high workload of low value mandates.


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