I am pleased to welcome you on my website. As a lawyer specializing in civil law, in particular inheritance law and family law, I would be happy to provide you with competent legal assistance. I am at your disposal out of court and in court. 

Inheritance Law

  • succession, acceptance and rejection of the inheritance, liability of the heirs for the inheritance liabilities
  • inheritance claim
  • legal relationship of several heirs among each other, legal relationship of the heirs and the estate creditor
  • establishment and annulment of a will, executor, common will
  • inheritance contract
  • compulsory portion, unworthiness of inheritance, renunciation of inheritance
  • certificate of inheritance
  • inheritance purchase       

Family Law

  • engagement, initiation and annulment of marriage, effects of marriage in general
  • marital property law, marriage settlement
  • divorce, marriage home and household items, divorced spouse's maintenance, pension provision
  • obligation to pay maintenance, custody
  • adoption
  • guardianship, legal support, tutelage
  • life partnership