I am pleased to welcome you on my website. As a lawyer specializing in civil law, in particular inheritance law and family law, I would be happy to provide you with competent legal assistance. I am at your disposal out of court and in court. 

Inheritance Law

  • succession, acceptance and rejection of the inheritance, liability of the heirs for the inheritance liabilities
  • inheritance claim
  • legal relationship of several heirs among each other, legal relationship of the heirs and the estate creditor
  • establishment and annulment of a will, executor, common will
  • inheritance contract
  • compulsory portion, unworthiness of inheritance, renunciation of inheritance
  • certificate of inheritance
  • inheritance purchase       

Family Law

  • engagement, initiation and annulment of marriage, effects of marriage in general
  • marital property law, marriage settlement
  • divorce, marriage home and household items, divorced spouse's maintenance, pension provision
  • obligation to pay maintenance, custody
  • adoption
  • guardianship, legal support, tutelage
  • life partnership      

Traffic law

  • accident damage settlement 

Damages law & personal injury compensation law

  • in all conceivable cases
  • representation before all criminal courts (Germany)

Civil law

  • obligations in general
  • purchase
  • exchange
  • loan agreement
  • financial aid
  • installment delivery contracts
  • donation
  • rental contract
  • lease agreement
  • loan
  • non-cash loan agreement
  • service contract, treatment contract
  • work contract, construction contract, consumer construction contract, architect contract and engineering contract, property developer contract
  • package travel contract, travel brokerage and brokerage of related travel services
  • brokerage agreement
  • offer of a reward
  • order, agency agreement and payment services
  • management without order
  • custody
  • bringing items to innkeepers
  • company
  • community
  • life annuity
  • imperfect liabilities
  • guarantee
  • comparison
  • promise of guilt, acknowledgment of guilt
  • instruction
  • bond to the bearer
  • presentation of things
  • unjustified enrichment
  • illegal acts
  • possession
  • rights to land
  • property
  • easements
  • right of first refusal
  • real loads
  • mortgage, land charge, pension debt
  • lien on movable property and rights

Civil procedure law

  • representation before all civil courts (Germany)

General contract law

  • contract drafting
  • contract review
  • draft contracts

I can help you with your legal concerns in any area of law.


In my many years of professional experience, I have been able to prove myself as a lawyer in various areas of law.


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